Growth Mindset

Year Four have been learning about growth mindset and learning that going for challenges and learning through mistakes can sometimes be the best ways to learn. The children were given the difficult task of making an orgigami penguin out of paper with no instructions. We talked about how it made us feel, whether we gave up or persisted. Then we listened and learnt and followed instructions to make the penguin. We didn’t give up and tried and tried again even though some of the folds were tricky. With our new positive mindset to try the challenge, we ALL succeeded! It was great fun 🙂 hopefully we can apply this to lots of different areas of our learning.

Romans and Celts Day!

Year Four had a fantastic day today when we had a visiting Roman and Celt! They brought in lots of artefacts to help explain what their lives were like. Have a look at our pictures to see how much fun we had with our history learning! We got to dress us as Roman soldiers and leaders, druids and Celts! See if you can spot us! Some of us even became slaves! Banna, our Celtic visitor, helped us make a roundhouse and showed us how he lived and made food. Also we recreated a Roman and Celtic battle outside after learning about battle formations. Finally, we became Roman engineers and developed a way of transporting water using team work! Take a look at our video! We had a fantastic day to celebrate the end of our history topic!

Fair Trade at Tesco

As part of our Fair Trade Week, we visted Tesco to find out about how the store thinks carefully about fair trade products. From classroom activities, to a quiz next to the bananas, to tasting new foods, to spending 30seconds in the chiller and 10 seconds in the freezer …. we had great fun! Thank you Tesco!


Garageband and Sewing Lesson 2!

Today we put our sewing skills to the test as we turned our plans into real belts! We found sewing real material much harder than sewing paper – but we didn’t give up!

While half the class were busy sewing, the other half put their newly learnt Garageband skills to work as they worked in pairs to compose a motivational theme tune to give Boudicca and her tribe confidence to fight the Romans!

We will post pictures and audio clips of our finished pieces of work!


Sewing lesson 1!

Today we designed and planned a belt for Boudicca to wear as she battled against the Romans. The belt has to be strong and have loops in the right place to hold Boudicca’s weapons (eg dagger, sword etc).

We also practised some of the sewing skills that we will need in order to make our planned belts. Most of us found running stitch quite easy but back stitch and tying knots was a bit more tricky! We tried hard not to give up or get too frustrated as we know that the harder we try, the better we get!

Science Day! Electricity!

Year Four had a fantastic day when a scientist came into the class all day to help us learn all about electricity. We learnt where electricity comes from, how to make a bulb light, which materials are conductors or insulators, performed an electricity poem and even dressed up as electrical engineers. Most importantly, we learnt about how to keep safe with electricity. It was a fantastic day, check out our pictures below.

Slideshow Video

Year Four enjoyed a visit from a scientist in class. We had a great day learning about how to light a bulb, where electricity comes from, which materials conduct electricity and how to make bulbs brighter in different circuits! We even learnt an electricity poem and dressed up as electrical engineers. Most importantly, we learnt how to keep safe with electricity. Have a look at our pictures below.

<iframe id=”vp1WN0w8″ title=”Video Player” width=”432″ height=”243″ frameborder=”0″ src=”” allowfullscreen></iframe><p><a href=””>Slideshow Video</a></p>

Using Causal Conjunctions

Check out Year Four’s fantastic effort with using causal conjunctions to answer some interesting questions. Year Four have experimented with where to position their conjunctions. We are practising them for when we write explanation texts next week! We hope some make you laugh, like they did us!

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Eggscellent Effort Year 4!

The Egg competition reached a whole new level this year. The effort and creativity that was shown in the children’s designs was amazing! Well done to everybody for such a terrific effort!

United Utilities Visit Year 4

Today, we learnt even more about water! Dave, from United Utilities, visited us to tell us all about the water cycle, water use, how water is cleaned and ways that we can save water.