We made poo!!!

In science, we are learning about how the digestive system works. To help us to understand, we recreated the digestive system using a banana and chocolate sandwich, soapy water, vinegar, a sandwich bag and a pop sock! The end result was POO!

We had great fun and every single one of us can now explain how the digestive system works. Look at our photos and you will see how much we enjoyed ourselves – some more than others!

First we made the sandwich and chopped it up with a knife and fork – like teeth do. Them we added saliva (soapy water) and mashed it – like the back teeth do.

Then we poured the mashed up mixture into a sandwich bag (the stomach) and added vinegar (stomach acid) and we squished the mixture up like the stomach does.

Once the banana sandwich was a mushed up mess in the sandwich bag (stomach) we tipped the mixture into the pop sock (small intestine). We then squeezed the mixture to extract the liquid. Once all of the goodness had been taken out of the mixure, the solid waste that was left travelled further through the pop sock (the large intestine) where it was squeezed further. It rested in the toe of the pop sock (rectum).

Then we snipped a hole in the toe of the pop sock (anus) and squeezed out the solid waste -POO!





  1. Courtney & Lauren's mum

    Eww! All the poo.

  2. Wow! What an interesting and exciting Science lesson! You look like you’re having so much fun!

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